India Medi Tours

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About us:
India meditours is an establishment which has come together for facilitating growth and development of medical facilities between India and other countries .
We aim to provide medical facilities from India to patients from other parts of the world and vice versa.
If you want to amuse yourself with food, culture, language, traditions and of course WELL BEING IndiaMeditours is the right place for you.

Since India, especially has to offer excellent medical facilities. The tourism development board for Medical Tourism was established in the year 1991 in order to promote medical tourism in the country. It is estimated that 3,200,000 people will visit India only for medical tourism against the 850,000 already visited. Therefore the potential for inbound tourism for medical is Enornmous . We even have relaxed Indian Visas/ just to attract medical tourism visit to us.

We at India Meditours therefore aim at providing these medical facilities to the people from countries wherein the facilities are not apt.

1) India as a country promoting medical tourism.
2) Excellent facilities in India are present
3) Indian visa / have been relaxed especially for medical tourism
4) The Hospitals are more than willing to accept the foreign arrivals and visitors
5) Growing infrastructure can help to provide and promote medical tourism

1) Experts in tourism, collective experience of more that 20 years in the tourism and medical fraternity
2) Our promoters Dr. Shweta Shewale is a Homeopath and Mrs. Mubarakka Lokhandwala is a renowned travel expert
3) We have our tie ups with more than 10 chains of hospitals across India and which operates all specialization
4) Inbound clientele can be handled very easily as Mrs. Mubarakka has herself travelled to more than 50 countries collectively
5) Since in the travel industry we have a good reach for the inbound clientele
6) Strong operations team and staff to handle queries and othe process


1)With the corporate sector exhausted visiting the visa on arrival from India
2) The corporate sector stressed
3)We will provide pampering packages to the corporate staff to places like Thailand, Malayasia,
4) Trust you will feel better at the end of your holiday knowing you have worked after yourself and you didnt let your time away turn from FIT TO FAT